Welcome to the update of my website. I look forward to working on new projects this year.

The Cat Band Story


In the Begining
In the Begining

"The Cat Band Story"

Watch for next version of 'Painting Mr Fox'

Painting Mr Fox


Mr Fox
Mr Fox

"I have painted many "Mr Fox's" over the years. Here are just a few examples. Images are watermarked to protect copyright.
The drawing here is an illustration of Mr.Fox as I encountered him on 14th April, 2016.

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The Oil Painting is the backdrop for a scene I viewed many years ago and will of course include Mr. Fox, no camera with me on that occasion either!! Watch for progress on both of these projects here......

Painting & Photography + Oil Painting of the Fox

Not finished yet. Finishing an Oil Painting can take hours, weeks sometimes months. Latest progress image will appear here over the next few weeks.